A short thought

Hey guys, how ya doing? Just now, scrolling through Pinterest, I saw a simple quote without as much as an accredited author: “Be defined by your actions, not your words.”  At that moment, without a warning, something hit me. I love words and I always enjoy reading and writing. But in the end, my words won’t matter unless they’re backed up by my actions. Jesus’s actions backed up His words. He claimed to love every human, and what He accomplished on the cross backed that up.  I think it is so critical to give every individual day to God and pray … Continue reading A short thought

How to be a bitch?

Sup guys, its me Peggy again. How are you? well, this semester is almost come to an end. Few more blog post and i’m ready to flee…ok. I just recently had an argument with my boyfriend and then that inspired me to write a blog post for women who are being “too nice”. I wanna tell all the women out there how to be a bitch. Place a high value of herself. Be a steel magnolia, flowery on the outside and steel on the inside. Have a presence of mind. There are women out there that beg for a man. The “women” … Continue reading How to be a bitch?

Society and parenthood

What’s up guys? I don’t take ceiling as answer. Anyway I’m good, schedule has been hectic as usual. However, I still manage to procrastinate through this hell of a week. Some parents often nag that their children spend too much time on social networking sites. But, they do not know that procrastinating is also part of learning. Facebook allows us to see what’s going on in the world and also, it allows an individual to share his/her own story that could inspire thousand, or even millions of people. I was procrastinating on Facebook the other day and I stumbled across … Continue reading Society and parenthood


I open my eyes, my vision is blurry and I try to blink for several times and it gets better I look at the ceiling and think to myself, “I” am still alive. I thank God for that, Being alive is one of the greatest gifts god has ever given to us. But… “Alive”…what is alive and what is life? Sleeping and waking? Why am I alive? When being asked, immediately I am stumped. From time to time, I’ll be asking myself “Why am i alive and what is life all about?” We all know the ugly truth that “We” … Continue reading Life

Pure kindness and selfless act

Hey guys, what’s up. It is week seven of my first semester in uni now, time flies. Also, everyday has been hectic except weekends. That’s uni life i guess. Today we are going to talk about pure kindness. Does pure kindness exist? In the other words, does selfless act exists? In my opinion, it does exists but purity isn’t indicate by selflessness. Selfless act which is also pure kindness is a rare case, to me it is the feeling of joy while helping others. It makes one feel good about him/herself and it is carried out without expectation of being … Continue reading Pure kindness and selfless act

Why UTAR sucked and INTI isn’t my choice either

Originally posted on eXPeri3nc3's Corner:
Originally posted in: Timmy’s Blog – http://kiensanz.blogspot.com/2009/08/shakespeare-from-utar-inti.html He’s a friend of mine, we met at a Lowyat.net members gathering in Bandar Baru, Kampar, for UTAR students and local forumers. I love his UTAR piece haha. Enjoy. Copyright belongs to its respective owner(s). — A Poem of UTAR I join Utar because its ‘pien yi’, I also thought it will be a good uni, but end i jalan jauh sampai nak mati, because all the faculties telah dibahagi…. in UTAR everything is about money, pay late then they phone tak henti henti even worse… Continue reading Why UTAR sucked and INTI isn’t my choice either

What is love to you?

Hi guys, how are you feeling today? It was a boring day to me today so i ended up watching You-tube. Then, I came across to watch the trailer of Twilight Saga, a vampire themed fantasy romance movie. This movie is often criticized by the public and surprisingly one of them is my lecturer, he claimed that Twilight is stupid and full of bullshit. Also, a friend of mine hate it because the story is boring, predictable, nothing special nor inspiring. Somehow, that inspired me to write a blog entry about love. The topic is very hot in the internet … Continue reading What is love to you?